Adult Lessons

Adult Lessons General Info

Lesson Cost and description 

All Lessons will be an hour-long and come at a flat rate of $10 cash. You must be a member of Avalon Nordic to participate in these lessons. Open lessons are targeted at a wide group of ability levels from beginner to advanced. I will however warn first-time skiers that my lessons are designed for those who have at least some comfort level on skis and are starting or continuing to learn proper skate skiing techniques.   

Upcoming Schedule


Equipment Required (for Skate Lessons):

  • Skate Boots (Specific skate boots are best, combi boot is acceptable but not as supportive or efficient)
  • Skate Skis (Classic skis, particularly waxless classic skis, will not be a fun ride, combi skis will work but are not ideal).
  • Skate Poles ( Should be at the level of the upper lip or just below the nose +/- 3cm)
  • Bindings (These will come with skis, please make sure your boots fit on your bindings before leaving the house)
  • Pippy Park rents classic equipment only and the Outfitters is not currently ding rentals

What is involved in the advanced lesson:    

We will expect skiers to be at least the level where they've already learned the differences between two skate (v1), one skate(v2), offset, and free skating and are looking to refine these individual techniques. Skate skiers will be asked to implement the first three of these techniques to the best of their abilities 

 One skate refinement is a key part of what I'm sure many of you are looking for in this lesson, so I will be running one-skate drills. If you can manage to sustain one-skate for say a lap of the bunny/field loop in reasonably good conditions at a slow pace, regardless of optimal technique, this should suffice.

I will also be drawing on some drills I use for my racers which can involve hopping on skis. I'm sure it sounds daunting to some but we will start off slow. In fact, these drills are designed to pull you out of your comfort zone intentionally and despite how scary it may sound, are generally quite safe for those who have spent at least two seasons on skate skis (1.5 should be enough with other general nordic experience).