Registration is now open for Challenge Group by following the button below. Please note that there are CCNL and Nordiq Canada membership fees when registering ($19). Challenge Group members who register for their Avalon Nordic general club membership later in the the fall will not need to pay these fees a second time. 

Registration 2023-24

In the Fall, we will open registration for Annual Memberships, Butterpot Season Passes, and Youth Ski Lessons (please note that you will only see the links to register for youth lessons once you have registered an a youth member of your family for an Avalon Nordic membership). 

Avalon Nordic values and welcomes the participation of everybody in our programs. We recognize that program fees can be prohibitive for people and we strive to keep our fees as low as possible. If ski lessons are not affordable for your child, you can apply to the REAL program at the City of St. John's for some financial assistance. For more information go to this website: