Jack Rabbits

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Avalon Nordic Ski Club

Jackrabbit Program 2020/2021

Note:  A Club Membership is required in order to participate in Programs

For more information on Avalon Nordic JD Programs, Please contact Junior Development Coordinator: Avalon.Nordic@gmail.com

Schedule of the Jackrabbit program

Option of Tuesday evenings (6-7pm) or Saturday morning (10 to 11am).  The program will start in early January 5th for Tuesday evening group and January 9th for Saturday morning group. Lessons will finish in mid-March.  We will be doing dryland sessions if we don’t have snow!    

Jackrabbit program

The Jackrabbit Program is designed for the “FUNdamentals” stage of development (children 6-9 years of age). Each child enrolled in the program will receive a toque. The objective is for children to learn basic cross-country ski skills (both classic and skating) and to instill a lifelong interest in the sport, thereby enhancing their quality of life and health.

  • Encourage FUN and participation,
  • Develop ABC’s. Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed.
  • Frequent cross-country skiing during the season.
  • Good technique habits developed through repeated practice
  • Utilize games to develop technique, speed skills and fitness.
  • Well structured programs.
  • Develop linear, lateral and multi directional speed.
  • Develop a team/social atmosphere.
  • Introduce competition in a team environment whenever possible.
  • Encourage inter-club social, skill and fitness orientated ski activities.

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