Butter Pot

Butterpot Provincial Park is operated by Avalon Nordic on weekends during the winter.

There is a day use fee of $10 ($20 per family) which you can purchase on the Zone 4 Site

You also have the option of buying a Butterpot Season Pass when you register at our Winter Programs site on Zone 4

Please only use the trails if you are on skis or snowshoes. Walking with boots or shoes leads to holes in the trails, and undermines the work of our volunteer groomers. 

All use of Butterpot Park for winter activities is at your own risk. Please scroll down and read the Cross Country Responsibility Code so we can ensure everybody is skiing responsibly. 

There are over 15 km of groomed trails for classic or skate skiing plus snowshoe trails. 

We are happy to announce that a favourite ski trail at Butter Pot has been designated as a Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM) Training Trail. To learn more about what this means and about how to participate in this years CSM events please review this document. Further questions can be directed to club member Paul Dancey at pauldancey@me.com
Responsibility Code