Pippy Park Snow Making Project

Latest Update!

Snow Making Equipment has been ordered and the first two deliveries have arrived. Snow guns, hoses, fittings etc are on site in Pippy Park. The Bombardier BR 160 has and the towed Ginzu have been moved into Pippy Park in prepration for snow making.The remaining equipment should be insite within the next 2-3 weeks.

Why snowmaking at Pippy Park Winter Activity center?

St. John’s does not have consistent winter weather conditions. Snow fall in the city is often followed by warm temperatures, rain and then freezing temperatures leaving the trails icing and largely unusable. Trail conditions are inconsistent and difficult to predict. Snowmaking and other enhancements at the Pippy Park Winter Activity Center will improve increase the number of skiable days, extend the ski season, and improve cross country skiing in St. John’s; a lifestyle sport that keeps people of all ages and abilities leading active, healthy, outdoor lifestyles.

What other Proposed improvements are being considered?*

Avalon Nordic expects to work with the City of St. John’s and the Pippy Park Commission to provide more consistent and consecutive ski days by:

- Investing in snow-making to ensure available ski conditions
- Apply innovative techniques to better retain snow
- Improve trail lighting
- Increased Parking
- Providing an instruction area, play area, and adventure trails for programs and the public
- Extend existing trail system to provide a more complete skier experience
* All improvements are dependent on City and Pippy Park approval and adherence to City bylaws.

What are the benefits to you and your community?
• FREE skiing and snow showing at the Pippy Park Winter Activity Center!
• Quality and consistent cross-country ski trails within the city limits
• Trails that will support cross country skiing, snow shoeing and fat biking, with minimal impact to each user group
• More consecutive ski days and reliable conditions. Snowmaking is a must given St. John’s maritime climate.
• More off-street parking available to skiers.
• Accessibility – cross-country skiing is for everyone – be you 3 or 93, able or disabled!
• Stay active – cross-country skiing is a great way to stay active in the winter.
• Increased opportunities to introduce children, youth and adults to cross-country skiing (community-supported ski days, Scouts, Ski at School, school groups).
• Year-round use of a facility that is located in the center of the city. Cross-country skiing and other winter use help preserve the long term recreational use of this area.

History of cross-country skiing at the Pippy Park Winter Activity Center

Many years ago as a non-profit organization, Avalon Nordic Ski Club began grooming the natural snow at the Pippy Park Trailer Park as a volunteer group to the benefit all Nordic skiers in the City of St. John’s and surrounding region. Once the effort became too much for the club at the time, the grooming became a cooperative effort between the Club, the City of St. John’s and The Outfitters (a local retail store). These groups pooled financial and volunteer resources to purchased grooming equipment and complete a regular pass of grooming to provide the then skiers of the region with skiable terrain.

Fast forward and the City and the Club now cooperatively run programs and services from the facility. The City of St. John’s has stepped up and lease the Pippy Park Trailer Park facility from the Pippy Park Commission for the winter, and run the North Bank Lodge as a publicly accessible destination for Cross Country skiing and snow shoeing. The Ski Club runs age group and member programs for ski development and training. The City provides the funds to complete grooming. The facility continues to provide groomed ski trails FREE access to the public, including parking.

Over the past couple of years thousands of skiers, snowshoers and fatbikers use the facility through the winter. When the snow comes so do people keen on getting out and enjoying what the City has to offer. The challenge each winter is getting consistent snow conditions.

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Snow Making Project Gallery

  • Snow gun specifically design for XC ski trails.
  • Snow gun throws snow down XC trail 50-80 feet.
  • Machine made snow is thrown along the XC Trail.
  • Snow is layed down in a series of piles.
  • The clubs existing BR 160 snow groomer, plow and groomer.
  • Groomer ploy required to push machine made snow.
  • Machine made snow and perfect grooming.